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When we talk about being healthy, it’s really easy to think that we’re just talking about our bodies alone. Yet, we’re not. In fact. we’re doing the exact opposite. Because health really is holistic. It’s more than just going for a run or sticking to a diet that’s going to be good for you. It’s something that affects the mind as much as the body. So you could train as hard as you can, and you can eat a really balanced diet, but if you are just not looking after your mental health, you’re not going to win. Instead, you need to nurture it. You need to be aware of your mind. Of the way that you think. Of how it controls you. And then you need to take control.

Now, all of this can sound a little overwhelming at first. But think about it. How often do you worry? Or go over and over scenarios in your mind? Or obsess over tiny details? Does it drive you mad? Of course, it does. But for some reason, we all still do it. But, you can say no. That enough is enough. And you can start to practice healthier thought patterns that are going to lead to a stronger, healthier mindset. And you can take control of your mental health. You just need to be a lot more intentional about it and make sure that you’re there for your mind. Let’s take a look at some of the important factors here.

Understanding How The Mind Works

To start with, it’s handy to know how the mind works. What it naturally wants to do. And this is where the incredible handy idea of The Chimp Paradox comes in. Take a look and read through. Even watch some of the videos on YouTube. Because when you can see how your mind wants to behave naturally, you’ll realize that it may be working against you (with good intentions) right now, but you can change that. Yet the first step of changing is understanding where you are.

Managing Your Mind

And now you can master your mind and take back control of it. But this has to be something that you consciously decide to do. You have to be able to choose to have a healthier mindset and to project good thoughts. Weed out negativity. Control bad thoughts. Believe in yourself. It’s all within the power of the mind.

Using It To Your Advantage

Then, from here, you’re going to want to take that and really run with it. Because when you’re in control of your mind, it can boost your everyday life. You can break down fear barriers and feel more confident about conquering your goals. You can work on improving pain levels and using your mind to heal. You can do a lot of things, but you need to actively choose to make this happen.

Practicing Positivity

Something that will be hugely beneficial for both your mind and how you feel in yourself, is to work on your positivity a lot more. Because you can train your brain to be more positive. But this has to be a conscious decision and you need to practice it – especially if you’re generally a negative person. But you can make it work and enjoy the benefits of having a positive mindset. And this will help you to feel much happier in yourself too.

Practicing Mindfulness

So the next thing here, is to also consider practicing mindfulness. If you know that your mind tends to think and think and think all day long, and you cannot seem to stop the thoughts, then getting started with mindfulness can really help you. It’s a great way to get a better hold over how your mind works. It’s also calming too, which can be great for your mind and body.

Being Present

This is then going to help you to be more present in everyday life. It will stop you from living on autopilot or just letting your mind race with thoughts. The more present you are, the more you can enjoy every single day. And that’s what matters here.

Taking Time Out

We don’t always see this as something that we need to do, but it is essential to your health that you relax and unwind. Most of the time, it feels like a luxury. However, if you can take time out from your business schedule to quieten your mind and unwind, it’s going to allow you to enjoy a better level of mental health – and a balance too. So find your ideal form of relaxation and do it every day.

Looking For Signs

But then also, this is all going to help you to be much more aware of any other deep-rooted issues. Because you’re going to know what’s going on in your mind, and you can look for signs. Turn to resources such as dementia services or depression guidance so that you can see what to look out for or what to do if you spot anything. This could even be something that you learn to look for in those closest to you too.

Asking For Help

And if you struggle, you can ask for help. You can speak to a friend or family member or approach a professional body or your doctor. You can even speak to a life coach or a find a mentor and ask for their input on your mental health journey. If you are concerned, then act. Because you can and you will enjoy a healthy mind.

Putting The Work In

Now, if you think that this is hard, you won’t be alone. Because it can often take years o adjust your mindset. It all depends on how consistent you are. Because if you work to notice how you think and feel and you’re constantly adjusting your mindset, this will become your natural state. The negativity and worries will drop and you’ll find yourself with a much happier disposition. But it is something that you have to work at and constantly practice throughout your life. But when you do, you’ll live a happier, more fulfilled, and richer life.

xoxo Hollie