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Do you want more results from your training?

Do you want more results from your training?

I was halfway through a set of squats in training for my next power lifting competition when all of a sudden I pitched forward and somehow ended up on my knees with a loaded bar on my back and seriously stuck. In the blink of an eye my coach came flying through the squat rack and had the bar off my back before I managed to get injured. This made me start to think about how much I appreciate having someone that constantly supports me in achieving my goals.

It’s hard to find a Personal Trainer and Coach with passion, enthusiasm and knowledge that fills you with inspiration the moment you meet them. When I met Simon I could sense a passion and work ethic for his clients that instantly drew me in. I won’t sugar coat anything there are days when I read my program that he send to me on a Sunday night to prepare for the week and I want to throw my phone across the room because it seems impossible at the time. I can’t even look him in the eye when he yells from across the room “lower” when doing Bulgarian lunges. In between the moments of wanting to give up or call it quits there are so many more instances that he provides me with motivation and support to keep going. His constant watchful eye ensures that I am continuously working on technique and using videos to analyse what I need to do to improve. This is something that he makes all his athletes do even when they are coached online.

I consider myself a driven person and as a health and nutrition coach and fitness instructor I pride myself in helping others achieve their goals. But in recent years I have noticed an exponential growth in online programs and trainers that send programs….. take your money and call it a day. I NEVER promote people or businesses that I do not believe in but Simon is now emerging into the world of tailored online programing and I want people to spend their money working with a man that will provide them with care, constant support and expertise.

I wanted to do an interview with Simon to let him share his passion for training people to achieve their goals.

How did you go from a regular Personal Trainer to a Powerlfting and Athlete Development Coach?

I worked my way up from working with general population. I wanted to work with elite level athletes which provided a pathway to develop more committed clients, leading into more development work! This is where I’m at now.

I still love working with people from all walks of life , I only ask one thing – be committed

What type of people do you work with?

Literally everyone!

I have coached 14 year old power lifters to 80 year old golfers!

How does online/distance training work? How do you ensure your clients the best possible service?

Online coaching is an option I provide which works really well if you can’t make it into National Strength and Performance Centre on a weekly basis.

All of my online clients when they first touch base fill out an in depth questionnaire form and goal setting sheet. This enables me to get an understanding of what needs to happen so they can achieve their goals! After this has happened I map out a plan then we get started.

For my online clients for them to get the best service and ensure they achieve their goals I have them update me weekly with a summery / plus video for me to analyse from different angles. I also have constant updates where the client can email me and I’ll try my best to respond within 12 hours regarding any questions with programming.

What is the value in having a fitness coach, and do you believe that it is wise to have someone overlooking your protocol even if you think you’re fully capable of doing so yourself? 

I 100% think it is valuable in having a coach! No matter what your goal is – I have one! Even though I know what I’m talking about I always get coached by someone as this keeps me accountable, uses slight variations that I wouldn’t use. Having a coach also makes me follow the process which at times if it was just me I might get lazy or think I can leave something out.

Plus your coach will identify your weaknesses which sometimes as human beings we just overlook.

What is your favourite exercise to coach? and why do you think it is essential to learn and practice?

This is a no brainer, I love coaching the squat!

It is the king of all exercises! It uses so many different muscles and the CNS has to work hard to move a big load. It also has a great carryover to many field base sports!

To become a good squatter it takes time and lots of time under the bar, once mastered you will never want it left out of your program ever again.

What are some of your proudest moments as a coach?

I’ve honestly had quite a few proud moments as a coach.

Some of my most memorable moments include:

  • Having a power lifter I coached from the beginning make the Australian team.
  • Various power lifters making the top 10 rankings in PA.
  • Being the Strength and Conditioning coach to numerous professional golfers.
  • Seeing someone who had never lifted a weight and after one year of training do 2x body weight dead lift is also pretty special.

What is the biggest misconception that you hear from clients?

From the female client/athlete: If I lift heavy weights I’m going to become bulky! When I get told this I either give that person a funny look or show them a photo of Hollie and say she dead lifts over 100 kg!!

Why do you encourage strength/resistance training?

This question could open a whole can of worms but the main reasons why I promote strength training are to:

  •  increase lean muscle mass
  • increase tendon and ligament strength
  • improve bone density
  • allow athletes / clients to have an attainable goal they can achieve, chipping away one piece or one kilogram at a time
  • for fat loss
  • strength training has an after effect on clients as it allows people to burn more calories after training is finished.

If you had one piece of advise to someone who is looking to “see more results” what would it be?

Definitely hire a coach no matter what your goal is. With the right coach and guidance you will see results faster and ideally in the safest manner possible.

If you are looking to get results, be supported and stay injury free check out:


 xoxo Hollie