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I used to be an unhealthy party girl.

I used to be an unhealthy party girl.

Most of you know me as a plant based foodie and fitness lover………and yes that is definitely who I am today and super proud of it. I wake up early for workouts that challenge me and meal prep on Sundays. Kale is a staple in my diet and I take absolute pleasure and enjoyment in fuelling my body with amazingly delicious and nutritious food.

If you knew me in my early twenties I was not the picture of health. Sure on the outside I looked pretty slim and I was a cardio junkie. However, this changed on the weekends when I would constantly want to go out with friends. So far this doesn’t seem too bad…. but it’s what happened once I was out that was the issue. I would force myself to drink alcohol that I didn’t even like the taste of to keep up with other people.  I would get drunk, spew up and wake up the next day with a fierce hangover, bruised knees and sometimes a bruised ego. I thought it was balance. I was good during the week so it was ok….wasn’t it?

I fell into the fad diets of low fat artificially sweetened food. It was at this time that I started feeling shaky and went to the doctors to see what was wrong with me….the diagnosis came back very strange. My liver function test results came up extremely high and I was diagnosed as having impaired glucose tolerance….WHAT? I didn’t understand…..I was not overweight; I exercised and was under the false assumption that because I was going to the gym I was healthy. WRONG!

This reality check started to really make me think. Surely I could do better than this. So I took a good hard look at myself and the choices I was making. The people I was spending time with were probably not my true friends and I started spending less and less time with them.

I decided to be more intuitive about the way I was eating and started to immerse myself in the world of wholefoods…..rather than artificial and low fat packaged items. This change did not happen overnight, rather it was a whole series of changes and decisions that would slowly transform my health and life.

Despite the pressure by society to drink alcohol I choose not to drink……lets face it I didn’t actually like the taste it was just a means to get drunk and fit in with other people. My liver function after 2 years on a whole food plant based diet is now well within the normal range and I no longer have impaired glucose tolerance. I feel fantastic and choose to spend my time with people that lift me higher and have similar goals. I have a better relationship with food and I am proud of how far I have come. I now choose foods that are nutritious and provide me with energy, I choose to consume foods from a place of love and respect for my body.

After making these changes and having let go of my unhealthy party girl I want to support others to do the same. If you need to heal your relationship with food, exercise or you have unhealthy habits that need to be kicked I am here to support you in making changes to improve your health and wellbeing.