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People ask me at the gym and online all the time about my favourite active wear brands that will sustain a session using weights like powerlifting or crossfit.


Just like all of you out there I love soft fabrics and quick dry material but when you are using heavy metal bars, weight belts and wraps with velcro this can be a death sentence for most materials.

So I have played around with a few brands and stumbled across Ryderwear created in 2009 in Australia. Their clothes are built to last and perform. They are made for people who “lift” (or tiny powerlifters like me). Now this doesn’t mean you have to lift anything insane…..but102

it will last and that means you won’t be worried about fraying your fav singlet or tights. Yes, I know that sounds incredibly girly but I like to wear clothes that look good and inspire me to work out.

The great thing about Ryderwear is that they also have a great range of hats, shoes and gym bags. I can’t tell you how jealous my gym
buddies where when I could do deadlifts in shoes that matched my tights and top…So for you girls and boys that wear activewear 90% of the time (who has time to change?) check them out for performance and style.034

xoxo Hollie