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Simple Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Life

Simple Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Life

We are all being encouraged to be more environmentally friendly to try and reduce the amount of damage we are doing to the planet. Some of the things that need doing are major and down to manufacturers and governments, but there are little things you can do to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly.

Use As Little Paper As Possible

With technology as it is now the need for paper has become less. If you really need to use it, perhaps in school or work, recycle as much as you can. Every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees, so fewer forests need to be cut down. Trees are vital to the planet, and it actually takes less energy to make sheets from recycled paper than it does from newly cut trees.

Avoid Plastics

Plastics are not biodegradable and are a huge problem. The earth is becoming swamped with them and they are causing animals and fish to die. Many countries have now banned to use of plastic bags in an effort to help, but you can help even more by only buying goods, especially food, that are in cartons or glass containers. Plastic bottles, wrappings and containers need to stop being produced, and the only way that will happen is if we stop buying goods that are in them.

Change Light Bulbs At Home And In Your Vehicles

LED lights are far more energy efficient than any other type of bulb. In your home they can cut your lighting costs by up to 80%, and they need replacing less often. In your vehicle, LED driving lights, like the ones from 4WD Supacentre, will produce a more even light without glare, making it easier for you and any drivers coming towards you. So, be sure to use them anywhere you can.

Because of their longevity and flexibility LED lights are being used by all types of industries and governments. Even street lighting is now being changed to LED in many places.

Change Your Thermostat By 2 Degrees

Whether it is heating in the winter or air conditioning in the summer, alter your thermostat by just 2 degrees. You will use less energy, which as well as lowering your utility bills, is good for the environment. It is unlikely that anyone will notice a difference of just 2 degrees.

Use Cloths For Cleaning

Instead of using rolls of paper towels when you are cleaning, use cloths. You can, of course, buy them from your local store, but old t-shirts make very good cleaning cloths, particularly for glass and mirrors. If you were going to throw them in the bin, keep them in a paper bag till you need them for cleaning. That way you will be saving money as well as helping the planet.

There are hundreds of little things you can do to help the environment, and many of them are not costly and require little effort. For instance, drinking filtered water rather than bottled water would mean you are not using so many plastic bottles, and recycling everything you can, from metals to glass can only help the situation we as humans have created.


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