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So the first of January has come and gone and most people have made some kind of vague resolution about “losing weight”, “getting fit” and “eating better”. While these things are all excellent pursuits they are not specific and leave you feeling overwhelmed, lost and more confused. After the first setback we experience we give up and claim “it’s impossible”.

In saying all this I do believe in fresh starts and setting specific and measureable goals that will challenge you to get uncomfortable. I was one of these people that said every year “I want to get stronger”……..what does that even mean or look like? What did I need to do to achieve this?

Top Tip: Recruit an expert

When I first decided that my current way of eating/dieting was not serving me mentally, emotionally or physically I had no idea what to do next…….you may resonate with this feeling and currently be in this situation. I had to make a scary decision and actually claim “I need help”. This led me to find a health expert that taught me how to cook and eat whole plant based foods without having to obsessively worry about calories and measuring food. I had to put trust in the process and have faith in myself. The experience even inspired me to study health and nutrition and become a coach so that I could help people who feel just like I felt. Once I had my eating and energy levels sorted it was time to take on new physical challenges. I was uninspired with my training and I didn’t have specific goals. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to feel strong! In order for me to achieve my goal I had to get serious and actively seek someone who would help me. I looked around and found a Personal Trainer and gym that would help me set goals and would hold me accountable every session. This meant that I needed to write down my goals, follow a program and turn up to my sessions ready to work. I trusted the experts and their knowledge to help me. All I needed to do was trust the process. Recruiting an expert was much easier than just claiming that “I want to get stronger”.

If you are currently looking to “eat healthier”and “get fitter” you need to recruit an expert. Here are my top two……

Me (Hollie Kempton- Health & Nutrition Coach)…..yes I am promoting myself and I am not ashamed to say that I can help you no matter what your current diet looks like. I am happy to work with different dietary preferences and will provide you with care and personal assistance. Your program is tailored to what you want and your lifestyle.

Try out my latest 6 week program (ONLY $250 for a limited time)

  • Fortnightly consultation via phone/Skype/email.
  • Physical activity recommendations and workout of the week.
  • Education on nutrition, serving sizes and calculating you daily calorie requirements.
  • No starvation diets! This is a holistic approach to making better choices and incorporating more delicious and easy to prepare wholefoods into your diet.
  • Support via SMS or email
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Exclusive Facebook group for support and encouragement.

National Strength Performance Centre- for online programming that is personalised to tailor to your specific needs/fitness level. Imagine approaching your workouts with intention and clear goals… more wondering around deciding what you need to do on the gym floor.


Remember that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to with the support and encouragement from the right expert. It all starts with asking for help……. Make 2017 the year you achieve your goals.

xoxo Hollie