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Natural Ways to Relieve Pain

Natural Ways to Relieve Pain

Everybody experiences pain. It’s something that reminds us we’re alive, it’s something we sometimes have to go through, and ultimately it tells us something is wrong and that we have to pay attention to our body! But sometimes it can overwhelm us, and there’s a lot of people out there who live with a chronic form of it, and it’s just not fair for someone to constantly have to undergo pain and discomfort in their life, and then fork out thousands for medical coverage and care.

All that means is that now’s the time to look into some more natural ways of relieving pain, whether you’re someone with a papercut on your finger, some intense period cramps, or someone who struggles to walk from day to day because of the pain in your legs. It’s easier than you might think to introduce some of these natural ways into your life, whether it’s some exercise moves, different things to eat, or even select medical procedures.


And if you’re at your wits end with everything else when it comes to looking after your health, this could be your next step. Seeing as most people are happy to have a fresh food diet on their hands, and follow it religiously, you shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping up with routines like this yourself. But just make sure you always have enough energy on your side to keep up with a regime, and always listen to what your body is saying!


Gritting your teeth and gripping your muscles during the bad periods doesn’t have to be your only way through the pain! (Source)


Start Slow with Exercise


You might have been completely put off by exercise thus far because of the amount of pain it leaves you with, but there’s a good chance you’ve been diving in without preparing yourself, or someone didn’t understand your limitations and you’ve been left with a bad experience because of an instructor’s inexperience. Whatever it is that means you haven’t been keeping up with a workout regime when it seems that everyone else on the planet, you can move past it if you really want to, seeing as you can tailor a routine to your needs and limitations.


It won’t be a cure all, of course, but it’s certainly a good step to take to make sure you’re getting back into the swing of things. Your body is capable of producing natural painkillers, commonly known as endorphins, and exercise is one of the best ways to tell your brain to make some. It’ll make you feel happier, lighter, and pretty much stress free in the moment. And when you’re constantly working to make your brain produce these happy hormones? You’re going to be feeling the effects for the long run too!


Not to mention endorphins help to increase your pain tolerance and how much you feel you can take. It’s why people who go to the gym regularly look and sound so capable when they speak and interact, and you could become one of those people too! You don’t have to do it everyday, and you can ease yourself in by building up how much you do, even just 2 to 3 times per week. It’s going to take a lot of your effort, but you’re going to be so thankful to yourself for putting in the energy now when it comes to being able to about your day painfree later.


Use Supplements in Meals


Supplements aren’t a cure all either, but they can help to make sure your body is receiving all of the nutrients it needs, if you aren’t capable of keeping up with a strict diet or need a more convenient way of keeping healthy in this manner. Being able to keep yourself topped up on Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E is essential for making sure your body is working at its best, even when you’ve got chronic pain or another condition to handle at the same time.


Vitamin A keeps your eyes healthy, and is usually found in carrots and mostly orange foods (it’s part of the reason carrots are said to help us see in the dark!). But no one wants to gorge on those 24/7, so you can turn to fish oil or some tablets if you really need to. Omega 3 itself is usually considered a wonder supplement when it comes to dealing with pain, so you’ll be in good hands if you make it a regular part of your diet.


Vitamin B helps to keep your immune system healthy, and when you’re already chronically ill you don’t want to be catching any colds that will make the pain worse, particularly in your nerves or sinus region. You can find this vitamin in potatoes and lentils, and these are easy to keep in the cupboard and sprinkle throughout your meals.


Vitamin C can help anyone who suffers from blood disorders, or people who have issues with healthy veins or bad circulation. The same goes for Vitamin E, it’s just a little more targeted in where it distributes throughout your body. C can easily be found in oranges and other citrus foods, and E can be found in nuts and almonds.


Vitamin D, on the other hand, is best found in getting out and about. That can be extremely hard for someone with chronic pain to do, but even just sitting outside for 15 mins or so per day is going to make sure you’re producing plenty. And if your bones are brittle and tend to hurt when the rain is coming, this is a good way to start strengthening them up.


Try Some Older Techniques


Just because something is an old technique doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time anymore! People have been practicing getting rid of pain for centuries, and it’s always been an issue doctors have had to contend with. Because of that, there’s a lot of literature and old wives’ tales to look into if modern medicine hasn’t being able to help you yet. Hey, even a lot of doctors nowadays turn to ancient arts of pain relief; they worked in relieving pain back then, for very good reasons which we’re capable of explaining now, and there’s no point reversing all that work just because we’re in the future!


One of the main ways to relieve pain is to get a massage, and that’s been around for centuries. The practice of someone pushing a lot of their weight into smoothing out muscles is incredibly effective, and even just having someone to rub your back when it’s sore can take the worst edge off of any pain. It’s also a practice that can be incredibly romantic, so if you’ve got a partner to hand and they want you to be in less pain just as much as you do, this is something for them to start regularly administering.


Then there’s the ancient Chinese art of sticking needles into joints and pressure points to relieve any tension or pain build ups, and promote your nerves into working smoothly again. It seems like a bit of a wonder science, but acupuncture works and it can work well! But make sure you’ve got a professional on your side to make your experience a good one. You can book yourself an acupuncture appointment whenever you need to, and you don’t need to be referred by anyone. Considering acupuncture is used in spas and massage parlors all around the globe, it isn’t an exclusive treatment by any means. And the needles are readily available as well, but don’t try to use them if you have no idea what you’re doing!


Drink Some Tea


Tea, once again, is a very old remedy, but it’s something that’s incredibly warm to hold your in hands, and incredibly comforting as it slips down your throat. Even better, almost anything can be brewed as a tea these days, and that means there’s a lot of easy pain remedies on the market for someone to look into.


For example, you can use willow bark in your tea concoction. Also known as ‘nature’s aspirin’, seeing as it contains the same compounds as the painkiller, it’s something a lot of people recommend in small doses. It can treat headaches, bone aches, and can help you out if you’ve got a cold that’s starting to annoy you. But we say it should be taken in small doses because it has some side effects as well, such as slowing down your kidneys if too much is ingested. And that’s of no help to anyone!


Relieving your pain shouldn’t take an arm and a leg, so make sure it never hurts too much to keep using these parts of your body! There’s a lot of natural remedies out there for you to look into for dealing with any issues you’re having to go through, and they might just be more effective than any medicine the doctor wants to prescribe you (but always check!).

xoxo Hollie