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You have saved your money, chosen your destination of choice and packed your suitcase…….but what about the flight?

Here are my top tips that ensure that I am a healthy and happy traveller. Try them next time you set off on your next adventure.

Food to ensure you are a happy flyer.

I know that you have spent your hard earned money on a flight to your destination of choice. However, the food that is provided or sold on a flight is often a little horror story for your health. Salt, sugar and fat in airline premade meals will leave you feeling even more tired and dehydrated. I recommend that you take some time before your flight to prepare some delicious and healthy food that will leave you feeling your best during and after your flight. Most people that see me carrying on board my own food are totally unaware that it is even an option. As long as your food is not a liquid e.g. soups, stews, dips you can carry it on.

I suggest that you take a cooler bag and containers, cutlery and wipes that you can dispose of at your destination. I usually work out the duration of the flight and think about during a normal day how much food I would eat to keep me satiated. Here are my favourite flight foods:

Breakfast: I cook some quinoa in almond or coconut milk with a tsp of vanilla bean paste and cinnamon with dried fruit (sultanas, raisins and goji berries are my favourite).

Lunch: Roasted vegie salads with extra green vegies (kale, baby spinach) and some chickpeas or lentils.

Snacks: Fresh whole fruit or fruit salad, vegie sticks and unsalted almonds

Dinner: I make up some delicious black bean falafels or simple stirfry

Drinks: If I am flying out of Sydney airport I purchase a premade 1Above Flight Drink to stay hydrated. If not a have it in tablet form and add it to some water on the plane. 1ABOVE™ is a travel recovery drink designed with essential nutrients & proven natural extracts to hydrate & help fight jet lag and travel fatigue. You could also buy some coconut water once you have made it through bag check. Don’t forget to take an empty drink bottle and have the flight steward fill it up as soon as you take your seat. Like everyone else I love a good coffee or tea but during a flight I stick to my NO CAFFEIN rule. Try bringing some herbal tea with you and asking for hot water. Make sure that you keep your fluid intake up as the cabin pressure and air conditioning will dehydrate you much faster.

Reduce swelling.

I have just tested out wearing compression tights on a 14-hour nonstop flight to LA and further 5-hour connection to Miami and they seemed to work a charm. I also paired these with compression socks that I purchased from my local chemist. I was ecstatic to find that my feet, ankles and legs showed absolutely no sign of swelling (if you are a diabetic check with your doctor). Don’t forget to get out of your seat regularly to stretch your legs and get the blood flowing. Each time that you get up try to find a space near an exit or toilet where you can stay standing for 5 minutes.

Keep yourself entertained.

If you are like me and find it difficult to sit still in a confined and stuffy space here are my essential items to keep me entertained and as comfortable as possible.

Clothes: Choose clothing that is soft and comfortable and bring a scarf that you can use if you are a little cold. It is much lighter than carrying a big jumper and takes up less than half the amount of space.

Head phones: I really can’t speak highly enough of having some good noise cancelling headphones. I have the Bose QC25 that are more comfortable to wear and block out unwanted noises like crying babies and load snorers.

Entertainment: After being introduced to Audible I make sure that I have downloaded my next audiobook to keep me from getting super cranky because I am bored. I also take my kindle with me if I am more in the mood for reading.


These are some of my tips to staying healthy and happy while travelling. Please share with me your favourite tips and tricks.

Safe Travels

xoxo Hollie