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Last week I wrote about my need to feel constantly busy and I have been reflecting a lot about why I do this. I think particularly as women we are expected to be carers, lovers, cooks, cleaners, problem fixers, fitness fiends and have it all together. Well I am not sure about you, but juggling so many things just means that you can’t give your whole heart to a few of the most important things.  For me those things are great food, great company, tough workouts and time to be me. That will be my focus this week.

To recap my focus last week I chose to do meditation every day, keep a weekly planner and put my phone on flight mode after 9pm every night. The meditation has been going really well, I still have a very busy mind but I am enjoying sitting in a dark room with my HeadSpace app every night before I go to sleep. I don’t feel as tired upon waking and am less restless through the night. I found that the weekly planner has kept me on track and kept me focused on publishing recipes on the website with less stress and no more “oops what was that idea I had again.” I hate letting a creative idea get away from me. Last but not least the phone…..I am not going to lie and say this was an easy task. It is still really hard for me not to check my Instagram or Facebook account but I think time away from it is far more beneficial than “ooh, that acai bowl looks amazing” as I aimlessly scroll through my feed.

Moving on to the next challenge……week 2. The focus of this week will be making some time for me. I know all you girls out there are going “I wish.” But you really cannot be of service to anybody if you don’t look after yourself. It doesn’t have to be a weekend at an expensive spa retreat. I am talking about enjoying the simple things. I am going to take time every day to do one thing for me. I absolutely love reading and am a self-confessed “nutrition nerd.” That means that my “me” time will be spent with my nose in Dr Libby’s amazing book The Calorie Fallacy which I recommend for everyone. She is the perfect mix of science and heart. I am super excited to be joining her in Sydney for the Beautiful You Weekend, so I will need to be armed with as much Dr Libby knowledge as possible before I attend. It doesn’t matter what your “me” time looks like, just pick something that is simple and makes your soul sparkle.


My challenge to everyone is to show yourself love this week. You deserve to spend time honoring yourself……take some “me” time and share your experiences with me so we can share the journey together.


Xoxo Hollie