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Confessions of a Girl Addicted to Being Busy Part I

Confessions of a Girl Addicted to Being Busy Part I

I am the type of person that races from one thing to the next rarely ever pausing for breath. If you ask me about the benefits of mindfulness, mediation and self-love, I will be the first person to tout all the benefits and tell you why you should do it.

There is only one problem…… I do not take my own advice and lately I have been thinking a lot about what I call “mindless busyness.” Just like so many others out there I am fully aware of health being not only about eating well and exercise but also the ability and need to relax and take it down a notch.

It seems like society puts more pressure on us to constantly be on the go and connected. If we are not juggling a million things at once how will we be successful? I have so many goals and am super passionate about achieving them, but I think that I need to actually do less to do more. I need to re-evaluate and generate some sustainable practices to be the best most authentic version of myself.

I have so many thoughts racing around my head I am starting to feel anxious. This is not something I am proud of. It actually takes quite a lot for me to even write this. I am known as “the bottler” I hold it all together until BOOM I can’t take it anymore and feel mentally exhausted and disconnected.

I am writing this to not only share my journey but hopefully inspire others to do the same. So please join me and let me know your thoughts, feelings and maybe what works for you.

My plan of action.

It is so easy for me to make a big list of things to do, however I need to keep it simple as I don’t want to add yet another overwhelming thing to my life. I have chosen just three things for me to tackle this week.

Meditation: I have probably only meditated 3 times in my life despite the fact that I know how many benefits it has. I decided to download the HeadSpace app and will be getting my meditation in every day. I am not going to force myself to do it at a certain time as long as it is done every day I will be satisfied.006

Phone: Oh no……yes I love my phone and have developed quite a ridiculous attachment to Instagram. This one is scary “NO INSTAGRAM after 9pm”

Make a plan: I am going to use a calendar to schedule my ideas and inspiration for blog posts and recipes to bring you the best content I can without the added stress.


Join me on my journey to slow down the pace and be more mindful and productive.

Xoxo Hollie