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Breakfast, Snack, Dessert

Eat cacao and lower your blood pressure. Cacao comes from the cacao bean and like other beans has wonderful health promoting flavanol phytonutrients like in green tea (

This recipe is one of my favourite healthy snacks. It also makes an amazing simple dessert layered with cashew cream and berries.

Serves 4

Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Paleo


Chia Pudding:014

3Tbsp raw cacao powder

2Tbsp maple syrup

2/3 Cup chia seeds

2 1/4 Cups plant based milk (coconut is my favourite)

1tsp vanilla extract


Cashew Cream:

1 Cup of cashew soaked for a few hours

1tsp vanilla extract

1Tbs maple syrup or to taste


Chia Pudding:023

Mix together raw cacao powder and chia seeds

Add your choice of milk, vanilla extract and maple syrup

Whisk together and leave overnight in the fridge

Cashew Cream:

Drain soaked cashew and put in blender

Add maple syrup, vanilla extract

Start slowly blending and add small amounts of milk to reach smooth consistency


Layer in a glass with chia pudding, cashew cream and top with berries.


Hollie xoxo