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Best Fit Gear For Short Girls

I helped my tall friend Victoria out on her fantastic blog Training for Chocolate with the original post here – but also below!


Sometimes I have to call in the experts to write about things I know nothing about.

And today is one of those times.

I know absolutely nothing about being short. I’d like to know, but alas I have been abnormally tall since I hit puberty and so all I know about being small is that when I meet a very VERY tall man (say, 6 foot 4) and I feel little next to him, I kind of like it. It doesn’t happen very often haha.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I gave you my top picks for the amazonians amongst us (I’m just over 5 foot 11), and today, I call upon my fellow (but shorter) gym gear junkies, Chloe McCray and Hollie Kempton, to help me out and share their favourites for the more vertically-challenged fitties. Thanks lovelies.


Being a shorty ain’t easy.. I have long legs and a short torso, which is great, but when the entirety of your body is no greater than 5’5 there’s not a whole lot of leg to begin with!

Finding tights that don’t bunch at the bottom or go loose around your calves, finding shorts that don’t make your legs look even shorter, and finding tanks that don’t drown you – now there’s a challenge. Luckily though, I’ve dedicated my time (and most of my bank account) to scouting out the best of the best and these are definitely winners:

Best Fit Gear for Short Girls: Tights


The best compression tights on the market in my opinion, and there’s barely any bunch at the ankle. They hold everything firmly, they aren’t see through, they breathe and wash incredibly well (I basically live in mine and they’re as good as new) and they make your legs look longggggg!

Jaggad Compression 



Jaggad Compression



Any short girl knows that the right pair of 7/8 tights can quickly become your best friend. I have these in black and the new sky print and they cut off perfectly just above my ankle. The mid-rise waist is also super comfortable and they’re a great choice for yoga.

Jaggad 7:8 Tights 



Jaggad 7:8 Tights



I love everything about the way these fit! The band of these high waist leggings is reinforced with power mesh, holding you tight, while the gathered detailing down the sides is really flattering. My go to pair of tights for a coastal walk.

Lorna Jane Tights 



Lorne Jane Tights


Best Fit Gear for Short Girls: Tanks


I tend to just wear basic, everyday singlet’s for training, but this is one style I’m addicted to – it’s not tight, but not baggy and over sized either, enabling plenty of movement and no restriction at all. Plus, the length and cut is great – long enough to cover your bum but higher on the sides. Comfy, easy and in a huge range of colours.

Nike Elastika Tank 2 



Nike Elastika Tank 2


Best Fit Gear for Short Girls: Shorts


Couldn’t love these more if I tried. I think I’ve collected about 10 pairs of these because they’re my number one choice in summer and there seems to be a new print/color every month! They’re my go to for the compression fit, breathability and sweat wicking features.

Nike Pro Shorts 



Nike Pro Shorts



You know you’re on to a winner when you buy 3 pairs of the same short in plain black because that’s how often you wear them. The length on these is great, the waistband is super comfortable (and adjustable in height), they’ve got a handy pocket at the back and are my favourites for a run.

Lulu Shorts 2 



Lulu Shorts 2



I am 5ft 2inches and people often call me pocket sized. So I am that person that climbs shelves to get things, has a small ladder to reach the top cupboards in my kitchen and jumps up and down in large crowds to see what is going on. But… the plus side to being a “pocket rocket” is that I can get things on sale.

Here are my top brands for fit fashion that does not need to be altered, looks and feels great.


This is the new brand we have all been hearing about but too scared to buy online. So far I have purchased a few items including: tights and long sleeve top. They fit amazingly and are made of excellent quality fabric (no awkward see through tights). Headstands are easy with Fabletics!

Hollie Headstanding in Fabletics 



Hollie Headstanding in Fabletics



I know that there are many Lorna Jane lovers out there, and yes, petite girls she makes great active wear that fits. She really is the leading lady in pretty active wear that you never want to take off. Lets face it, brunch isn’t brunch unless you are wearing your fav active wear.

This is me on top of the world in my LJ tights and crop.

Lorna Jane Tights and Crop 



Lorna Jane Tights and Crop – the perfect fit



I still have a pair of Running Bare tights from 5 years ago. I cannot manage to kill them. They have been washed a million times and still fit beautifully. The ¾ tights fit without looking silly. You know the feeling petite girls (3/4 tights that look like your pants are just too short). They have a huge range of colours and styles to suit all styles.

Running Bare Crops 



Running Bare Crops – perfect for petites



As a little lady I also love Dharma Bums! This wonderful Australian company not only creates beautiful looking tights but they are super comfy and firm fitting. I find them perfect for yoga classes and the high waist ensure that everything stays just where it should be. No one likes a plumbers cleavage in yoga.

Dharma Bums Monochrome Rose Tights 



Dharma Bums Monochrome Rose Tights – a fave for petites and tall girls alike


Thanks Chloe and Hollie, you guys rock.

Are you a tallie or a shortie? What are your favourite brands and styles to best suit your frame?