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Knowledge is power?  … yeah we have heard that before. Often finding accurate and evidence-based information is hard.

The online world is full of big opinions and often those that scream the loudest about things get the most attention.















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































One third of Australian adults have high blood pressure (33.7%), with almost 1.2 times as many males living with hypertension than females (36.2% compared to 31.3%). 

Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018, National Health Survey 2017-18

As a clinical nutritionist I want to present the facts without all the BS for real people that want simple information.

Blood Pressure 101

How to measure your blood pressure

Sit down and relax first. Ideally, a clinician will use a machine called a sphygmomanometer with an inflatable cuff placed on the upper part of your arm.

This will be reported as two number for example 120/80

What are the numbers?

1st number (the larger number) is your systolic blood pressure it is the pressure in the arteries as the heart pumps out blood.

2nd number (the lower number) is your diastolic blood pressure it is the pressure when your heart relaxes before the next beat.


What is a healthy reading?

Normal: <120/80

Elevated: 120-129/<80

Stage 1 Hypertension 130-139/80-90

Stage 2 Hypertension <140/90


How will I know if my blood pressure is high?

Unfortunately, high blood pressure doesn’t give many warning signs. You may feel absolutely fine and when you go to your GP and they check your BP …. BAM oh you have high blood pressure.


What is the answer then?

Get regular checks even if you have no family history or risk factors! Ideally get a routine check every two years


What if I have risk factors or a family history?

If your blood pressure is high-normal and you have other risk factors then it must be check more often. Every 6-12 months or upon your GPs advice.




For more information about risk factors

For more information about prevention and management



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