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Age is Just a Number

Age is Just a Number

I’m too old….. I’m too young…..I couldn’t possibly do it!

I know that for so many of us these words and thoughts have stopped us from achieving our goals. So why are we so preoccupied with age?

It’s just a number that we let dictate what we think we can and can’t do.  If we know that these thoughts are toxic and do not help us to achieve our goals or try new things…. why do we listen to that nasty voice in our head?

I hear so many people using age as an excuse of why they cannot try something new. Now is the time to take the plunge!

I want to introduce you to two people of different ages that are absolutely nailing it in their sport of Powerlifting. Many people think of Powerlifting as a “male” dominated sport, these two women have shown the resilience and drive to take on a new challenge, improve their fitness and get strong as hell.

I have found so much inspiration in these two outstanding females that NEVER let age stop them from achieving success and giving it a go.

Brea is a 14 year old school girl who has only been training for powerlifting this year. She comes from a ‘crossfit family’ and was training as a crossfit kid since the age of 9. Brea’s mum noticed her daughter’s strength and as a personal trainer put her through a strength cycle noticing great improvements. After consulting with Powerlifting Australia CEO she began training with powerlifting coach Simon Bergner._mg_4058

Brea turns up to training sessions with quiet tenacity and a never give up attitude. Sometimes you forget that she is lifting heavy weights, she slides in and out of the gym stopping only for a quick friendly chat. As a high school teacher I have never seen such determination and work ethic. Brea has not only demonstrated natural talent and ability but a genuine willingness to take on feedback by her coach.

In order to understand just how far she has come take a look at her vast improvements:

Starting: Current:
Deadlift 140kg Deadlift 160kg
Squat 120kg Squat 135kg
Bench 65kg Bench 75.5kg (unofficial Australian Sub Junior Record)


Crissy is a fifty (something young) mother, soon to be grandmother and pocket rocket. She has been training as a powerlifter for 3 years and in that time has also managed to lose 12kg.13680279_1740944186157391_5547470300490684557_o

Crissy started training with Simon Bergner at National Strength Performance Centre in Boxercise classes for general fitness. She now competes in the 57kg Masters II with some incredible power to weight ratio lifts.

Crissy inspires people around her with her vibrant and friendly demeanour, however, do not underestimate this little machine! As a masters athlete this unbelievable women gets through volume training like no grandmother I know. Crissy just stepped of the platform this week in New Zealand at Asia/Oceania Powerlifting Championships in Christchurch. Achieving personal bests on all lift! Including 95kg squat, 57.5kg bench and 122.5kg deadlift this added 22 points to her Wilks score.

I feel so proud and excited by these amazing women as does their coach. “These girls are a pleasure to coach, they put everything into their training and I am incredibly proud to be their coach” Simon Bergner Head Coach National Strength and Performance Centre

Brea and Crissy are strong, powerful, beautiful and intelligent women that have not let age become a barrier to their success. Next time you think about saying “oh, I’m too old/young to do that” stop yourself in your tracks and take on the challenge anyway.

The only person that can stop you from really taking on a new challenge is yourself.

xoxo Hollie