Acai Chia Pudding

Snacks & Treats August 24, 2016

Acai berries are packed with antioxidants, amino acids, fibre, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals making it a near perfect energising fruit.

Protein VS Carbs


Blog August 16, 2016

We love to pick a good guy and bad guy. But who is this so called good guy? I want to be on his side. If you’re like me you are probably more entertained by the villain in the story. Let me introduce you to today’s unlikely villain the poor old carbohydrate.


Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Spiced Soup

Delicious Dinners August 9, 2016

This delicious recipe is super creamy and can be easily refrigerated or frozen. Enjoy with some sourdough or seed bread for a hearty winter warmer.


Choc Orange Bliss Balls

Snacks & Treats August 7, 2016

These bliss balls are like little flavour bombs with no refined sugar or hidden nasties.


Are you worried about your weight?

Blog August 3, 2016

The truth is this…….. I am not here to talk about diets or even food for that matter. I am here to share with you the only weight I am really concerned about……..


If only we chased our goals like Pokémon

Blog July 27, 2016

I am sure that you have all been bombarded by the people around you on the relentless quest to “catch them all.” How can this competition and fun be used to chase more health specific goals?


Not so cheeky chocolate protein brownie

Recipes July 22, 2016

These are a delicious chocolatey not so cheeky brownies that are vegan, gluten free and paleo.


Introducing: Health & Nutrition Coaching

Blog July 20, 2016

I am literally bouncing out of my chair with passion and excitement to finally announce that I have set up my own business as a health and nutrition coach!!
To get you on your way to achieving your best health. I am sharing with all you wonderful people a limited time offer on my health and nutrition coaching.


Italian Vitality Bowl

Delicious Dinners, Recipes July 14, 2016

I have based this Italian Vitality Bowl on the classic Sardinian diet which consists of whole-grain bread, beans, garden vegetables and fruits. Sardinia is known as one of the “Blue Zones,” pockets around the world where people live measurably longer better. In these “Blue Zones” they found that people reach age 100 at rates 10 times greater than in the United States.


A Plant Based Foodie’s Love Affair with Melbourne

Blog July 12, 2016

Melbourne takes the win for a plant based foodie’s paradise. Check out my favourite plant based, healthy and 100% delicious places to go in Melbourne.


Bean Koftas, Smokey Eggplant Dip and Tabouli

Delicious Dinners July 6, 2016

This bean kofta recipe with smokey eggplant dip and quinoa tabouli is great when you have guests around or just want to impress your family.


Why it’s time to ditch the plastic.

Blog July 4, 2016

Every year in Australia over 1 billion plastic water bottles a year are thrown away while only 30% are recycled – that means 700 million plastic water bottles end up in landfill or floating in the ocean annually.


Quick Curried Tofu Scramble

Delicious Dinners, Recipes June 29, 2016

This is a quick and delicious mid week meal that you can whip up in no time at all. Simple and nutritious does not have to be time consuming.


Cacao and Quinoa Bites

Recipes June 22, 2016

These are a great quick and tasty treat using only fruit to sweeten them. They are perfect for a wholefood healthy chocolate treat and are vegan and gluten free.


The Unlikely Powerlifter

Blog June 19, 2016

I signed up with Powerlifting Australia and became a member and before I could think twice I hit submit on the computer to enrol in my first competition. No turning back!
Stop doubting yourself…..You are not too big…..too small….to unfit! You just have to take the first step and trust in the process.


Gorgeously Green Broccoli Soup

Delicious Dinners June 15, 2016

This super easy soup is a perfect mid week nutrient boost. Broccoli benefits the digestive system, the cardiovascular and the immune system. It has anti-inflammatory and even cancer-preventing properties.


Pumpkin Lentil Dahl

Delicious Dinners June 8, 2016

This dish is packed with flavour and is so easy to cook, it also freezes well for left overs.
Did you know?
Lentils are an excellent source dietary fibre and folate. They also contain copper, phosphorus, and manganese. These little nutritional powerhouses also contain iron, protein, vitamin B1, zinc, potassium, and vitamin B6.


Spaghetti & Mushroom Balls

Recipes May 23, 2016

I have managed to turn this family favourite into a nutritious plant based meal using mushrooms to replace meat.
Did you know that mushrooms are low in calories, fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and very low in sodium, yet they provide nutrients such as selenium, potassium , riboflavin, niacin, vitamin D and more.


The Ordinary Girls Pre Race Guide to a Half Marathon

Blog May 14, 2016

At this stage you have done the miles, closed your eyes and crossed you fingers as you signed up for your half marathon. I have created a little bit of a check list and some of my favourite tried and true products.


Banana & Passion Fruit Granola

Recipes May 11, 2016

I love having some home made granola in the cupboard that can be sprinkled on top of coconut yoghurt, acai bowls or baked apples. It gives a delicious texture and yummy crunch factor to your morning oats as well.


Plant Based Transformation

Blog April 29, 2016

This is my amazing transformation interview with the incredible Joshua LaJaunie. He bares his heart and soul about his journey from tipping the scales at over 400lbs in early 2011. To becoming a plant based and plant powered athlete and losing over 200lbs.


ANZAC Biscuits

Recipes April 21, 2016

This is a super easy healthy version of the traditional ANZAC biscuit. Perfect with a cup of tea!


Hearty Lasagne

Recipes April 18, 2016

This lasagna is a family recipe it’s full of fresh vegetables and is simple to make. It can be tweaked to be gluten free or paleo.


Family Friendly Vegie Pie

Recipes April 14, 2016

This recipe is always a family favourite. The deliciously creamy cauliflower mash can win over any fussy eater. I love making these pies when I have guests for dinner as they are served in their own little dish and look much more difficult than they really are.


Sweet Potato Chocolate Brownies

Recipes April 11, 2016

This is a delicious, super simple recipe that is perfect for both kids and adults. The sweet potato gives it a gooey consistency and the dates provide a caramel flavor hit.


Matcha Bliss Balls

Recipes March 30, 2016

Matcha is 100% pure green tea leaves stone ground into a fine powder. It can have the nutritional value of up to 10 cups of regular green tea and up to 137 x the antioxidants of regular green tea!


Mexican Tofu Scramble

Recipes March 25, 2016

This is a simple and versatile dish that can be transformed into a hearty breakfast or simple and flavoursome dinner.

PBV BLog Me Beach

The start of a new adventure……. lets get Powered by Vegies

Blog March 21, 2016

Lets enjoy colourful plant based foods. Move our bodies and enjoy an active lifestyle together.


Cacao Chia Pudding

Recipes March 20, 2016

Cacao chia puddings are a fabulous healthy snack. They also make an amazing simple dessert layered with cashew cream and berries.


Cacao & banana wholemeal spelt muffins

Recipes March 16, 2016

Delicious, healthy, guilt free muffins.


Beautiful Buckwheat Pancakes

Recipes March 16, 2016

Pancakes are definitely my favourite! But what better way then this recipe using buckwheat flour which is gluten free and just as simple and easy to make for anyone!

Red curry photo

Vegan Red Curry

Recipes March 7, 2016

I know like most of you vegetarians and vegans out there that it can be hard to find Thai food recipes that do not have fish sauce.


Cranberry & Sultana Healthy Homemade Cereal

Recipes March 6, 2016

This is a perfect sugar free breakfast option for the whole family.

Recipe - Enchiladas (Baked)

Baked Enchiladas

Recipes March 6, 2016

These Baked Enchiladas are my delicious, vegan and healthy twist on an old favourite.

recipe - lentil bolognese

Lentil Bolognese

Recipes February 25, 2016

A quick and easy crowd pleaser thats perfect to get the family consuming more legumes! As you know beans are a powerhouse of nutrition, and the most nutrient-dense carbohydrate source.

Recipe - Zesty Coconut Balls

Zesty Coconut Protein Balls

Recipes February 23, 2016

A great summer snack are my Zesty Coconut Balls


Quinoa Porridge with Grilled Bananas & Pecans

Recipes February 23, 2016

A delicious breakfast filled with goodness


Blissful Blueberry Smoothie

Recipes February 23, 2016

One of my favourite smoothies!

Protein VS Carbs


Blog August 16, 2016

We love to pick a good guy and bad guy. But who is this so called good guy? I want to be on his side. If you’re like me you are probably more entertained by the villain in the story. Let me introduce you to today’s unlikely villain the poor old carbohydrate.